Our behaviour policy is firmly based on being positive; we expect children to behave well and they are praised and rewarded when they do.

For positive behaviour, children earn ‘Class Dojo’ points in class for contributing in a positive fashion.  Parents and carers can see how their children are getting on in class by logging in to the ‘Class Dojo’ website.  Children love striving to get the points, and parents report that they enjoy being able to follow their children and the class blog that develops throughout the year.

In the classroom, we follow a system of assertive discipline called ‘Good to be Green’.  This is designed to cause minimum disruption to learning.  All children start their day on a green card.  However, if they receive a warning, they move to a time out system and have to turn their card to yellow.  If there are further incidents of poor behaviour, then a red card is issued and the children have to spend the rest of the day with a senior colleague.  Ultimately, the final (rarely used) step is being sent to the Principal.

Behaviour Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy