Welcome to our Daily Home Learning area. The links below the image will take you to the daily planning for each year group- this will be updated every weekday. Within the planning documents, there are activities for English, Maths and Topic (relating to this current Half Term’s learning).

Writing Stimulus: See your year groups planning for more information. Don’t forget to watch the YouTube clips of your teacher’s performances.

Reading Rocks Reviews – A 5 lesson-style project in which pupils will learn to write, video and share their own vlog-style book reviews with the help of some well known authors including Michael Rosen. When you have recorded your book review, please share it with us.  We look forward to seeing and hearing your reviews! See the video below for more information:

Word of the Day:

KS1 Word of the Day
Word: trick (noun / verb)
Definition: If someone tricks you, they deceive you, often in order to make you do something.
Playing a trick on Jennifer was easy because she fell for it every time.
Synonym: fool, delude.
Challenge: write a sentence with the word of the day.
Lower KS2 Word of the Day
Word: incinerate (verb)
Definition:  If something is incinerated, it is exposed to extreme heat and fire, so that it no longer exists.
Jennifer’s mum incinerated some old boxes in the back garden.
Synonym: burn.
Challenge: write a sentence with the word of the day.
Upper KS2 Word of the Day
Word:watershed (noun)
Definition: In geography, it means a ridge or piece of land that separates different waters. In general use, it means a turning point in a situation that separates one part from another.
The birth of her brother was a watershed moment.
Synonym: river basin, landmark.
Antonym: anti-climactic, inconsequential.
Challenge: write a sentence with the word of the day.

Maths – Problem of the day:

Website of the Day: Storyline: This website has a selection of stories to listen to and watch. 

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