Our content will be updated regularly. Check back here to see what other changes and updates have made.

05/04/2020 – NEW CONTENTThrive Activities – As we are are a Thrive school, we have received the next weekly pack of activities. They can be found on our Family Tasks page.

03/04/2020 – NEW CONTENTFriday’s Assembly – Dr Cook has recorded today’s assembly! Click here to view it on YouTube. You are in for a treat with this one… there is poetry!!!

03/04/2020 – NEW CONTENTStay Safe – Home Classroom – Our friends at Stay Safe have released a set of fantastic ‘Home Classroom’ resources. The direct link can be found by clicking here or you can visit our General Support and Safeguarding page.

31/03/2020 – NEW CONTENT Liskeard contact information – Liskeard Town Council have provided us with a very useful document that lists a range of information regarding our local area. The document can be found on our General Information page.

27/03/2020 – NEW CONTENT

27/03/2020 – NEW CONTENTFriday’s Assembly – Dr Cook has recorded today’s assembly! Click here to view it on YouTube.

27/03/2020 – NEW CONTENTDaily Home Learning – The new content for today is now live. Apologies for the delay there were a few technical problems uploading all of the documents. As always, click to get to the Daily Home Learning page. The website of the day is BBC – Supermovers. A website designed to get you up and moving about and keeping active while you learn. And finally, by popular request, I will be posting a new story on our Online Library page very shortly,

26/03/2020 – NEW CONTENTI Am Peace read by Mr McGirr – Our very own Mr McGirr has recorded himself reading the fabulous book, ‘I am Peace’. Such a thoughtful title for these challenging times. You are in for a treat! The video can be found here in our Online Libraries page.

26/03/2020 – NEW CONTENTRWI Phonics – Here is the link for all of the latest RWI Phonics resources now available on Oxford Owl. This includes: helpful videos, speed sound practice sheets, speedy green words slideshows as well as more RWI reading books. Please do ask if you would like advice on which speed sounds your child was learning or the colour reading books they were reading before the school closure.

26/03/2020 – NEW CONTENTDaily Home Learning – The content for Thursday 26th March is now available. As always, it can be found here on our Daily Home Learning page. The website of the day today is around storytelling by the BBC. Click here to go straight to the BBC page.

25/03/2020 – NEW CONTENTActivities with the little ones! – We know that keeping the younger learners busy can be tricky. So we have compiled a list of activities that you can do with your EYFS children. The document can be found here.

25/03/2020 – NEW CONTENTWhat are the features of a newspaper? – Have you ever wondered how journalists and editors create a newspaper? Well this is the starting point for children. Have a look at this fantastic BBC resource.

25/03/2020 – NEW CONTENTDaily Home Learning – The content for Wednesday 24th of March is now available. How did you do with the maths problem of the day? Click on thought to our Daily Home Learning page to find the latest planning and resources.

24/03/2020 – NEW DOCUMENTHave you ever wondered how to teach times tables? Then look no further for our handy guide for all ages. Visit our Daily Updates page to find out more (listed under the maths resources section). Also, there is now a times table poster and a set of multiplication squares for you to aid learning.

24/03/2020 – NEW CONTENTKS1 and KS2 Daily challenges. The well-known White Rose Maths have released a daily maths problem for both KS1 (orange heading) and KS2 (blue heading). Check out the Daily Home Learning page- just underneath the writing prompt and you’ll find the new prompts.

23/03/2020 – NEW RESOURCEConverting Measure Document – Good morning folks, there is now a document/guide on how to convert measure. Converting measure is part of today’s daily planning. The guide can be found here: http://www.liskeardhillfortprimary.org.uk/resources-home/

23/03/2020 – NEW CONTENTDaily Home Learning – The content for Tuesday 24th of March is now available. Just a reminder that the two images at the top of the page are used as part of the writing home learning activity. The direct link is: http://www.liskeardhillfortprimary.org.uk/daily-home-learning-edit/ Also, the Daily Home Learning page has been slightly redesigned to make it easier to navigate.

23/03/2020 – NEW WEBSITESVirtual Learning Sessions – Common Sense Media has provided us with a list of Virtual Learning sessions. I have added these session to the Useful Learning Websites page. Highly recommended as there are a lot of fantastic actors and content involved. These sessions could be used to break the day up.

23/03/2020 – NEW WEBSITEMyON Online Digital Library – Our friends at Renaissance have just release their online library for the foreseeable future. Thousands of AR books accessible any time of day. No logging in required! It is free to access and no need to sign up for all ages. The link is available here: http://www.liskeardhillfortprimary.org.uk/online-library/

23/03/2020 – NEW CONTENTDaily Home Learning – The content for today’s learning is now live. The content for tomorrow will change sometime after 6pm. We will aim to hold 5 days worth of planning at any given time of each year group’s page. A list of common exception words have been added to Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pages. Logging into GetEpic is working more smoothly. The guide of which can be found here: http://www.liskeardhillfortprimary.org.uk/online-library/